Kiko and I (Eugenio) met at the University of Mallorca in 1999. Appart from studying ‘Tourism’ we got plenty of time to share a few musical projects together: flirting with nu metal in CircoEs3Urbano ; kicking some experimental noise rock in Platypus Fickfest ; or loosing ourselves in all sorts of mystic noises and marmot howls with the greatest Goblins Chichos Masters (and wearing kitchen aprons, click here if you don’t believe it). Always me on the drums and Kiko playing guitar and his ‘noisy’ toys.

After lots of fun, quite a few ‘meriendas‘ in El Molinar and a few failed exams, life went on and we had to split ways. Who would have thought that we were going to meet again in a different city  and country years later?

La vida te da sorpresas…

Berlin 2012, here we go again… but that’s another story. To be honest, in the capital of Germany it’s hard enough to try and make a living so initially we didn’t even consider the possibility of starting a new band. Never-ending hunt for newcomers: job, flat, papers, new friends, new culture, more papers, stability, party? no, more papers… no job yet? … for Christ sake!!! Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and go for a beer!

So one day we got together in a small Spätkauf in the neighborhood of Wedding and there we met Pau and Marina, a Mallorcan couple living in Berlin. So then we got the party started full of betubadells and funny stories (the only thing the meeting lacked was a bottle of ‘Herbes Morey’ on the table) that got completed later that day when Pau introduced us to Benjamin (a.k.a Benny), another Mallorcan living in the city. This was a crucial moment in our history and it unarguably helped to plant the first Sons Of Noam seed.

… Sorpresas te da la vida

Kiko and I knew about Benny from before although we never had the chance to meet him personally. Mallorca is quite small and the musicians are always exposed in the same places. Benny was a well known drummer in the punk rock scene there as he played in the band One Foot. His brother Daniel Amoros was Take it easy ‘s guitar player, pioneers of melodic hardcore scene in the island.

So after that, it was a matter of time before the seed started to grow… After our first meeting, Benny saw one of my videos in YouTube as EuGeeN WhiTe , my solo project, and then he enthusiastically suggested to meet again and rehearse for the first time in june 2012.

We knew the moment had come and it was about time to make a new band. Kiko was the third part of this simple equation named SONS OF NOAM: Benny drumming, Kiko on the bass and Eugenio playing guitar and singing. Vollkrass!

Ready to go on, Mr. Blades