We strongly believe in the “DO IT YOURSELF” philosophy and not only believe but make it real. We are in full charge of the music composition and live performance (no Milli Vanilli here), lyrics, recording and mixing our own demos and albums, art design (covers, stickers, flyers), video editing, social media, management, merchandising, etc.

SonsOfNoam ist not strictly a ‘political’ band (despite our band name) but let’s make this clear, we don’t sing exclusively about flowers and love either. Our lyrics are just like our music, far from the extremes and open to anything. We love (and hate) many things and this is exactly what our music and lyrics are trying to reflect: ourselves. We are NOT here for the money because we believe we didn’t choose to be here at all. MUSIC IS OUR LIFE and we love every fucking minute of it: from the 12 hours recording sessions during the weekends (our only free time) ’til the rental van return on a Sunday 6 am. after a gig in Friedrichshain. As we said, fucking absolutely love it.

The three members of the band have been strongly related to MUSIC since the very beginning, not talking about the band foundation here. Since we can recall we have been three ‘music freaks’ by all means: Benny began to learn drumming as a child and got involved in his first band from an early age ; Eugenio started composing prolifically as soon as he was able to play a few chords in his classic guitar; and Kiko played electric guitar long before he took the bass role in SonsOfNoam.

Although our lyrics are written by Eugenio, we all feel strongly identified with them and their message. We give extreme importance to the things we have to say, just because as a band we don’t have anything else but attitude… and lyrics are a great part of it. Is there any other reasonable way to do it?

Needless to say, the music and the lyrics are like our sons and daughters, they belong to us but at the same time they don’t belong at all because … c’mon, they are fucking sounds and ideas and so they flirt around freely with others. But needless to say again, we care of them like family and we don’t want them to be wasted or involved in ‘indecent’ projects or purposes: we DON’T want them to be used in any commercial, by any political party or just being stolen without us being even concerned. Please share your thoughts with us at any time, don’t hesitate to contact us. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to get in touch through many social network platforms; if you do so, expect finding us personally behind them. That’s the way we want it.

We are a down-to-earth band and we would never ever want to lose touch with the ground, so it is, the music we make and the people who listens and enjoys it. Without these two parts of the equation, there’s the ‘nothingness‘. Therefore we manifest to be aware of it and act in consequence. Music is sacred and nothing should interfere or pollute the holy moment between the musicians and the audience. We want it to be that way when we experience other people’s music and so it must be the other way round.

Reaching this point, we want to deeply THANK YOU for your time and your attention and wish you enjoy our music.


Salud & Rock n Roll